Our Club Rules

We hope you will enjoy your membership of our club.  Our aims are to encourage responsible ownership with happy, healthy and sociable dogs in a fun and relaxed environment for both dog and owner.

Club & Class Rules

    • All dogs must be vaccinated and wormed regularly
    • All handlers must carry ‘poo’ bags and clear up any accidents made by their dogs in the hall or in the surrounding area
    • All dogs must wear collars and have an identification tag
    • Children under 16, whilst encouraged to participate in training, must be accompanied by an adult
    • We take no responsibility for visitors who are not members as they are not covered by our insurance
    • We reserve the right to exclude members or dogs for the good of the club as a whole

Please ensure you pick up after your dog inside and outside the venue, please ensure you keep your dog on a lead when entering and leaving the barn as there may be horses and other stock around.

What We Ask For

  • Please try to arrive on time for your class
  • Please bring tasty titbits (i.e. sausage, cheese, liver)
  • Bring a toy for your dog (preferably not a squeeky one)
  • If your under 16 years of age, bring an adult
  • Bring ‘poo’ bags, should your dog foul in the vacinity of the hall, please ensure you clean up (this of course applies wherever you are, but we may lose the use of the hall if this were become a problem)
  • Ensure that you dog is regularly wormed and vaccinated
  • Make sure that your dog has it’s collar and tag – no check chains please