Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme

This scheme is run by the Kennel Club and we are proud to have ‘Kennel Club Status’ which means that we are able to train, both dog and handler / owner to have a well balanced, well behaved dog. Our classes, from puppy to advanced dog, work towards these awards. They are not compulsory by any means for any dog and owner that attends our classes, it is totally the choice of the owner if they would like to participate. The scheme aims to train both the dog and hander / owner in all aspects of general behaviour.

The Scheme Covers

  • Cleanliness and health
  • House training and socialization
  • Controlled walking on the lead
  • Grooming
  • Good behavior whilst being examined (i.e. at the vets)
  • Dogs Learning respect for their owner/s and control (i.e. walking through doors etc)
  • Being comfortable away from the handler / owner
  • How to play
  • Vehicle control (i.e. getting in and out under control)
  • Food manners
  • Returning to the hander / owner from distractions
  • Road walking and walking to the handlers / owners side, both on and off lead
  • Sending the dog to bed
  • Staying down in one place
  • Good handler / owner knowledge (i.e. how to exercise, how to feed, what to take with you)

This is by no means an exhaustive list but shows some key points that we work towards and that the scheme tests on.

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